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I have not been on the site in some time, and now I see that you lost someone very dear to you in February, although I am not able to ascertain what has happened.

I think of you so often, and how different my life would be had I not met you on this site back in May of 2013. You walked with me during my recovery for over a year during the most difficult and painful time I believe I will ever have to experience. And now my husband and I are having fun again, living a very nice life – without the addiction to gamble. I am forever grateful to you, Velvet, and this site.

I wish I had been here for you in your time of need as you have always been for so many of us on this site. My condolences are belated but no less heartfelt and sincere. I pray you are surrounded by many who love you during your bereavement.

And I hope you are taking care of YOU my dear friend Velvet.