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My advice, Lizbeth would be to postpone making long term decisions while you are feeling upset.
I had a somewhat similar situation with my sister recently. For some reason she ignored me for weeks on end and had me “blacklisted” in the family. When she cooled off she began texting and calling, accusing me of ignoring her! She sounds just like your mom. A control freak who scapegoats people then steps back , taking the role of the innocent victim , leaving those who have been hurt , floundering. You just can’t win with people like that, Lizbeth. We are the ones who end up being upset and the issue runs off them like water off a ducks back.
Don’t dream of selling your home. It would play right into your mother’s hands.
Take a break, but not in a casino.
I know exactly how you feel.
Personally, I would be in a hotel while that major work is going on. It must be very stressful.