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Right last night I was up till 2am and this Time it wasn’t to gamble but it was to change my life for good .
I been thinking lately and looking at my life and trying to find out what has Made me the decision to go in to gambling route and I came to conclusion that it’s my job . I am not happy with my job and since I became ill they bullied me left right centre and made my illness at it’s worst stage .
Therefore last night till 2 am I was looking for a new job and I realised that there is so many jobs I can do with my level of experience. The problem is what’s keeping me back is my two surgeries that I am waiting to have .
I was very young when I took up my current job and become so comfortable with it and it feels like if I leave now i will never find same job that pays well . But something tells me that tmr I need to do a cv and apply to this new job I found so should I listen to my heart or should I just walk away not sure what to do.
But what I do know is my current job is killing me slowly in every way and I am seriously not happy and I need to do something about it .