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Yes, Future Star , it’s all about dropping our desires when you study the plot.
“The root of all sorrow is desire;the uprooting of sorrow is desire-less-ness” is one of the quotes I could dwell on for days.
I too agree that Social Media portrays unreality. Everything is perfect in the cyber world. I have seen this in Real Life too. One man in GA goes on and on about “A Life beyond my wildest dreams” . I don’t doubt his sincerity but I often thought “What about the members whose lives are still in a mess even after we have stopped gambling?”?
It is very difficult to let go of the loss of 5k. I struggled for years to let go of my losses.
My only consolation is that if the money was handed back to me tomorrow, I would be likely to throw it all away again and wreck my life in the process.
Stay focused.