Today isn’t a good day. The gambling problem hasn’t gotten any better. I try hard to deal with it–well maybe I just try to ignore it. Yesterday my husband had to go out of town on business, and in the back of mind I knew that meant he would go to a casino. Unfortunately I was right. I got a phone call in the afternoon from asking me if I minded if he took out $160.00 and went to the casino. I said what do you think. Of course I don’t want you to go. Then he started making a deal. If I go to the Casino I promise not buy any scratcher tickets for the next two weeks. By that time I was already upset. I just said do whatever you want to do. Your 51 years old and you can make your own decision. Well his decision was to go to the Casino. (Huge surprise there!) I am done trying to stop him. I have no control over the addiction. I’m just going to let him do whatever he wants. I wanted so bad to just leave last night. I feel trapped in a vicious cycle.