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im a big sports guy also bro, been one my whole life. Surprised I never got into betting on it. I was always a casino guy. fell  in love with Vegas . A true gambler will always say they know. When you just said you know who’s going to win. It reminded me so much of myself sayinf I KNEW IT WAS GONNA HIT THAT NUMBER ON ROULETTE. I shoulda put that side bet down I knew those cards were coming. Look man this gambling, sports are just as tricky, underdogs win often! Injuries happen! upsets happen everyday! I always think of March madness for this example, it’s the beautiful thing that I’ve always loved about sports. We never know who’s gonna show up to play that day, even pros have off games. Just remember your old life before betting, how fun was it to cheer for your favorite team, it’s like euphoria when you see that game winning td or buzzer beater(big basketball fan) you can get back to a life of enjoyment of sports without worrying about losing this months rent or grocery money. We all have the power to change, and at times it may seem like there’s no hope. The human brain is so powerful. I believe you in you man. damn, even if you get the urge to bed, reach out to me here. Really wanna see everyone beat this demon. Take care of yourself bro.