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I know it dosn’t make you feel better to hear everyone tell you “it will get better, hang in there”

Some people will say that because they feel for you, they dont want to hear you sound gloomy, depressed or flat.

But some do speak from experience, it might seem that its too much of a struggle or a colosal hill to climb, but it is possible.

When I was in prison and I looked through the bars, well to be honest I was too short to see directly through them so I could only see the stars, because I had to look up.

But when I was there the first time I thought things just could not get any worse. I went back another 4 times, I’ve thought my life was over many times.

I’ve been in psychiatric wards and lived in absolute squaller, as well as living on the streets. People can and do change.

Which area in London are you M, dont be too specific, but maybe there might be a group that you’re more comfortable at. There are a few groups in London that I’ve been to and for different reasons wouldn’t like to go back.

I can think of a couple that I got a great deal of benefit from.

I’m sorry I didnt write more about my coma, all my spare time went reading and writing the post to Jonny, I wish I’s spent it writing about my coma to you. (No offence if you’re reading Jonny).

Im off to sleep now but I’m not at work til midnight, I have a couple of things to do tonight but I will tell you a bit about my coma, although its nowt too exciting.