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Hi courage,

Relapses are ok perfectly normal for a recovering gambler but never use it as an excuse for your actions. Don’t play the victim. Ultimately you were the one who decided to gamble and this means that in your mind you have not given up yet. You still want to play. You need to REALLY want to quit gambling forever to actually stop. Saying “I’ll stop forever” after a big relapse is well and all but it takes true commitment to actually stop gambling. Don’t accept gambling as something that controls you. Don’t treat relapses as something you cannot prevent. YOU are the one in control of your own mind and actions you must actively fight to defeat this gambling addiction. Self-exclude, install blockers, hand over finances and attend GA/confess to loved ones to give yourself the best chance not to relapse. The rest is a mental battle that YOU must take responsibility for and while it may be the toughest battle you’ll ever face, it’s a battle you can win.