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Nice to hear from you. I avoided admitting myself when I was in same boat ie suicidal because I saw no point in it. It can offer a respite only and giVe you time to get your right head on. I am sorry that you are not receiving the therapy support you require. You must ask for some before you leave ie therapeutic talking therapy support as an outpatient
Look, the debts can wait, I am on day 107 and still slowly, slowly dealing with these. Theyan alway,wait and they prefer you to be honest with what is going on rather than do nothing.The most important is the roof over your head. The rest you can phone. They will always give you space to sort yourself out, the banks usually,give you six months. An old bank credit card debt of 10.5k said today they would put things on hold for six months when I told them the situation. And mine is 70k, not 30k. So there are ways out of it. Firstly, are you able to secure the roof over your head?. With difficulty, I did and am still here although it looked like I would lose it for a while. I expected to lose it two months ago and I have not yet. So first , and then the priority debts which are not loans and credit cards, but electricity, gas, council tax. Hsve you definitely lost your job. Is there not a notice period if you have ?
Then make contact when you feel up to it with stepchange and have all your debts details with you. There is a way out and it isn’t to gamble our way out of it. For me this is a long process, and a bit painful but I have two and a halftimes as muchdebt as yourself. Keep up the good,work and I hope you,come out of hospital soon.