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Woke up usual time and then fell asleep till 11am. Most unusual. I am finding I have a sore throat in the morning, goes during the day and comes back nighttime. What’s that about?
Listened to joel osteen Easter service which was very inspiring and started a springtime Qi gong course. I find I have so much to do during the day I don’t do all of it. Now that’s strange in these times a.though I would like to get back to normal although I don’t think normal will ever be quite the same again as pre corona. My son cooked lunch,pulled pork and mash and I cooked a roast in the evening. My son and I fell out for the second time today over the same subject as previously. My son has a sharp Scorpio tongue and can say hurtful things. It upset me and when Pete called he was very sweet and listened and was supportive. My son and I made it up after an hour or two. We do seem to have flare ups and then he is kindness itself after we make up. He cleaned up the kitchen before I did and now we have the bonus if the dishwasher I bought and he plumbed in. He has done so much in the house and I know he gets stir crazy but sometimes I do feel usurped out of my own space. I am natural.y untidy, for example when cooking I poured a saucepan of swede into the colander and completely forgot to put it over the sink and half of the water
went over the floor. Dyspraxia I think they call it. I had to really focus tonite doing creamed cavolo Nero with spinach and creamed swede. My spatial awareness isn’t great and never has been. I am awful at design, better with concepts and words. I just make a mess. I make A mess cleaning up a mess.
My daughter rang for another small loan for food which I did.