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Hey Jonny123987, thanks for checking in on me 🙂 I’m over the moon that you are still going strong, I got to day 175, paid off my arrears on my bills, got my debts on a manageable plan, got some savings for the first time since I was young, had a weekend break and for long periods of time I never even thought about gambling, I sometimes even thought I was “cured ” even though I know that gamblers never are but thats how great things were going, I still checked in here but never made the time to talk so cone day 175 I had an urge out of nowhere that was so strong I didn’t fight it, drove to a bookies that I knew I wasn’t excluded from, lost £50 which I could actually afford to lose but then proceeded to lose £1200 in 2 days which was my savings and some bill money so now I’m behind on my payments again and back to day 1 which is so depressing but I have just excluded from some more bookies and I’m working extra hours at work to claw some losses back. The really strange thing is that you messaged me literally a few hours after I had placed my bet. The timing couldn’t have been more ironic… 1 sucks 🙁