Hi All
Thanks for all your posts to me over the Xmas period, been a tough time all round. I kept missing people on the unmoderated chat and Velvet didnt get e mail about last nights group till ten to ten. The group didnt come up on my feed and I was gutted, really needed to chat.
Heard some stuff my CG been posting online about getting rid of “unwanted baggage” like he has , guess thats me then huh? To say I was hurt is an understatement, I thought the letter was a low blow, but hes really taking the biscuit now. I was the one who found Gordon Moody and did all the leg work and it hurts so much now to be thought of as unwanted baggage. I didnt d it for thanks I did it out of love and concern, not just for the man I loved but for another human being. Hurst a lot this human being can refer to me this way.
When I started posting here I used to be scared one day hed read what I posted and guessed it was me, now I hope he does and I hope it will shame him to know how he made me feel. I wouldnt treat a dog the ways hes treated , and continues to try to treat me even now.
Well no more I wont be a victim of this cruel, callous behaviour. How dare he talk about me as unwanted baggage. There are many people in my life who want me. Hes the idiot not to value me. I may have been an idiot and too trusting, but dod you know what Id rather be me and have learned hard lessons than the kind of person who can treat someone who loves them like he has. Lies are coming out daily and it looks like hed rather run than confront them, I just hope he faces them over these next 12 weeks so he doesnt watse the opportunity of this treatment otherwise this will all have been for nothing.
Finally realised nothing I can do for him anymore Ive stretched my arms out to him for so long waiting forhim to grab them that theyre tired and need holding up themselves. Im going to try to rest tham now wnd wrap them tight around myseld and say to myself I appreciate you, I love you Neecy xxxxxxxx