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I lasted just a bit over two months myself, and much the same as you, I kept seeking out online casinos to find one I hadn’t self excluded from. And that wasn’t easy, I’ve excluded from A LOT. I don’t understand how it happened – I felt a bit smothered with finances and it happened almost on auto pilot mode.

I had a big loss last month, and another pretty sizeable loss yesterday, effectively undone all my hard work repairing my finances up until now. It sucks, I feel pretty S**t about it but I keep reminding myself, it’s not the end of the world, It’s time to refocus, get back on the wagon, day 1 again. We gotta keep on trying,

Is there anybody in your personal life you would consider opening up about this too? It’s a big relief getting it out, whether on this forum or with someone you know, that said I know it’s not easy, telling my friends was one of the hardest things I’ve done, and I’ve been too ashamed to tell them about this little relapse , although I know I will once the dust has settled a little. You should consider telling your group and councillor at least dude, it’ll be hard but nothing but good will come from it.

Either way, you’re not alone, far from it – all of us on this forum are in it together. Are you with me for Day 1 here? Let’s put our best foot forward.