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Dated 27th Oct 2015
Dear diary
For the first time, I feel excited about this year coming to an end. I only need to continue what I have been doing for another 2 more months and this will be the best year I had in recovery, had one too many broke endings in the past.
In the past, all my money was lost in irresponsible ways in living and gambling. All my earning are accountable now. This has never happen to me before.
I don’t have to doubt my spending since 5th Feb 2015 and myself anymore now. God has help me to do what I cannot do for myself with my earning now. It was a dream come true for me.
Deep down for close to 38 years, I would like to love, care and provide for my love ones but I was deeply bonded by the devil of addiction and it is running and controlling my life. It was a very sad and depressing past that I do not wish upon anyone.
I have realized after many trials and errors after errors that I cannot be the Higher Power in my recovery program. If I am still controlling the steering wheel, nothing has changed, I am still the same.
Praise the Lord, I have a Higher Power in my 12 step recovery program now. My Higher Power has a name, He is the almighty Jesus Christ.

Thank you God