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Dear diary,
Anytime my awareness was low
I would lose very important things, my peace and serenity, joy and happiness
These things just sneak in and happen

I had accumulated 10K, I was happy and grateful then
But when I used up 8K to clear my personal loan, my thoughts and feelings became confuse
I suddenly felt that I don’t have enough money and was not contented with the current situation
I wish to have more money and this was how I lost my peace and happiness.

Today when I put pen to writing, the picture became very clear
I should be grateful to clear my 8k loan and be free
I should be contented to have 2K saving when I could have none.
It was not so long ago that I do not have the means at all and stress was a big part of my life.
Now I am free but I forget to be contented with whatever I have and be grateful to God for everything

This feeling of not enough, discontentment can be really very destructive and a real robber of peace and happiness in my life.

Everyday I must remember to pray.
Thank you God for helping me do things that I could not do for myself and thank you for everything that you have given me!