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Apparently, yesterday I inadvertently held a ‘mirror’ up to the beast which led to a massive gambling ‘stint’ on my computer right into front of me, without me knowing. So today, I am left feeling numb, realising my cg is nowhere near seeking help, has no intention of seeking help although he is not happy with his life. I have to let go and let him get on with it, whatever that may be. We all head back to the UK tomorrow and my children back to their lives and for me, a shopping spree and a welcome break to see my father. I’m feeling I’m done with all this. What’s the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. And you can’t put wise heads on young shoulders (or something like that!). Need to surround myself with positive people and let other’s get on with their lives in what ever way they want to go. I’m fed up with miserable people around me even family!
Onwards and upwards my cyber friends. Take Care San x