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Feeling settled tonight after a positive day .
My support in the shape of my dad is away on holiday so felt a liitle more pressure with the money he left me , so I spent the lot on bits and pieces so now I have something to show for it . Enjoy so much buying then doing them up or reseaching them ,one of today’s buys is a wood basket made from new zealand swamp kauri , interesting .
Then in my return home today found a set of old ladders , very in with todays shabby chic . Then 4 doors up from my house an old set of draws that someone wanted rid of . Not worth much and weighed about a ton , but so lights me up as I love old wooden things .
So my thought tonight is I havent gambled , have maybe doubled my money when I put a bit work into a few things and have a lovely set of draws .
My have to keep at it every day to keep myself safe from gambling but today’s been good so roll in tomorrow .x