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I hope you did the right thing, Sherrie.

Nothing is perfect .

I do know that secrecy caused me more stress than gambling and the more secretive I became, the more I gambled. I never “told”. In my case my husband knew I gambled. He baled me out hundreds of times, when I was in the early stages . I would cry and bawl and beg him to restore the money, I had lost, swearing on the Bible that I would never gamble again. That was in the early years. When the *h*t the fan and I ran out of funds and was up to my neck in debt, I had to come clean and tell him the exact amount I owed. He honestly reacted as if he didn’t believe me. He thought I was making it all  up. Total denial. That’s when I knew for sure I was on my own in recovery. A VERY SCARY PLACE TO BE…As time rolled on, I became numb to the losses. No more tears. No more grovelling. I learned to borrow and do my dirty business in secret….the rest is history.

We all know our own spouses best.

My husband knows I gambled several time in 2018. He never once asked if I won or lost

He is just not interested. I think it would be cruel of me to tell him the details of my loss. I can pick up my own tab and move on.

The main thing is I have not gambled since December 26th and do not intend to ever again, one day at a time..

In my opinion , the biggest thing we risk we take  by sharing our “secret” is that we will not be taken seriously.

Rejection can lead to further gambling.

Well done, Sherrie. Being true to yourself is the main thing. I hope you get all the support you deserve.