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Few things mate…..
Firstly don’t apologies, we all get it, feels like failure therefore what’s the point – you have done the first step by not just giving up and saying right let’s go again.
Secondly, I know everything has to go, and probably does at least to start with, to prove to ourselves we don’t need any sort of gambling, but buying the lottery with your girlfriend is a controlled environment, as you have already said she would leave you in an instant if she knew, so your hardly going to spend £1000 on lotttery tickets with her are you?
You have to make sure you stay strong mate,
Last night you did a whole night when there was probably over 200 games on the scores apps, and you didn’t bet. That’s not failure, that’s a huge step forward!!

We have to be harsh on ourselves. We absolutely do, but equally you have done so much and so well, build on that!

Don’t give up pal!