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Fight those urges! Winning that much money back is a long shot. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning!

Think about what you could do otherwise to make money. I took a random cash job for this weekend so I could make extra money. It is more of a guarantee than going to the casino! It is not in my line of work at all but I figure I have to start working towards having some money in the bank again. 

It will be very redeeming and rewarding if we can climb out of our debt holes on our own. We have made it this far and we are still here so might as well fight for it. 

I am not in any GA or anything yet. I am going to see if I can do it on my own (with help from all of you here as well), but one thing I did read on here which has helped so far is:

DELAY – the urge won’t last forever. Delay until the craving passes

DISTRACT – fill time with a more rewarding/fulfilling activity

DECIDE – you do not gamble anymore. Remind yourself WHY you DECIDED to stop gambling.

Hope this helps. Please do not go to the casino today. Tell yourself, I won’t go today. I won’t gamble today. I won’t gamble for the next hour, next minute, whatever you need to say. Going to the casino will not help you, this I can promise.