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I been very busy lately managed to sell my land and paid half off my debts off and made sure all the cards where closed for good.
I feel a bit upset because this land was given to me by my parents and I had to sell it because of my gambling debts but I bealive this is my way out of this mess in order to have a clean slate and move on.
I didn’t tell my other half with my last relaps as he will be very upset so going to keep this one as a secret . I hate secrets but it needs to be this way for now.
I big burden lifted off my shoulders for the past few days . But I am scared I am scared that I will go back to gambling again and accumulate more debts but that’s just a worry in my head . I need to stop worrying about things to be honest and this is hard.
I am going to take one day at a time from now on . I still feel guilty of what I have done and it’s hard to forgive my self.