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Looks like you live in the US. It all depends if you are in a community property state. If you do, a legal agreement will probably not help much. She can open credit cards in her own name and you are still responsible for what she owes. Same with bank accounts, most banks just ignore the fact that only one name is on the account. Happened to me more than once. My hb accumulated so much debt without my knowledge that I had to fill out pages and pages for filing bankruptcy while I did not owe a single penny to anyone myself. He was also able to sell my car by faking my signature on the title and nobody even checked if I really signed off on it. It goes on and on because you are lumped together as one when it comes to assets of any kind. She can ruin your credit before you know it and you would be in for a whole lot of heart ache trying to unravel the whole mess.