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Flo, great post, very honest and you have made a massive step sharing on this site, GT is a great sight with many good people, this addicition only ever gets worse as I am sure you already well know, all I would say for now is read many posts on this site (I am sure you have already) it will help you understand you are not alone and will be suprised at how many people a fighting with this addiction, as you read the other peoples posts and shares I know you will relate to some and perhaps pick up ideas from them of what they are doing to control the addiction.

I have to shoot now as due back at work but just wanted to quickly share with you and say great effort and well done on sharing your story and how you feel its a massive step in the right direction, no mater what now you have found recovery keep it in your life, I know you want to stop because if you didnt you wouldnt be here, keep sharing and keep reading there are many helpful people around this site who would wish you nothing but a happy life and it is possible.

Take care, wish you well and all tye very best in your recovery and life.