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One baby step at a time
Do the next right thing
One thing at a time
One day at a time…as the recovery slogan saying goes

“Do too many things in too little time.”
This is the reality in my everyday life now, I need to:
Focus on God
Focus on my recovery
Focus on loving my family
Focus on my work
Focus on my finance
Focus on my health
I am afraid that I failed miserably at doing all the above at the same time.
I find stability and good progress when I was focusing on one thing only.
I am doing well at work currently but my recovery and love for family have suffered.
I am learning how to depend on God to fight the battle for me but I still do not know how to allow God to fight all the battles for me at the same time.
When I was stress, worried and fearful at work, I surrender my will and live over to the care of God
But when I was sick and suffering, I turn to self medication in alcohol and gambling.
When I focus on myself more, I focus on God and my family less.
I did not trust and obey God in all areas of my life especially in finance.
I slip into an old habit of listening to myself, it will destroy me, I must let go of self completely…
Every crisis, I have turn to God but it was the little things in life that expose me!
I have not yet learn how to trust and accept anything God give me in all areas of my life especially family, work, finance, sickness, suffering and pain.
I was able to focus on God, family and recovery only.
When I start to focus more on work, finance, my sickness…sadly I focus less on God, my family and recovery.
I did not honor my family, I compromise on my recovery, I did not obey and follow God teaching and didn’t accept what God give me. I tried to change things and I failed.
I need to make a turn to the right direction….(Turning Point)
I must learn from all these experiences….(Breakthrough)
I cannot do this alone, I need help….(Helping Hand)
I need to be grateful for what I have….(Gratitude)
I do not have many good years left…(God ‘s grace and mercy)
I need God.

An acquaintance in my age group was feeling very tired easily and see a doctor in May 2017. He was diagnose with liver cancer stage 4. He died in June 2017. He left behind a wife and 2 very young children. Life can change suddenly overnight. It could happen to anyone.