“…for me, taking care of myself means changing the things I can by protecting our joint finances and limiting his access to money (among other things). “– he has completely shut me out. he manages his money. he has completely detached from me. not even a word. for 1 week now. not even a compromise or a deal with me. i understand that he has to take care of himself.. but i wonder where he placed the relationship now. there is no relationship at all. he is just working on himself. i cannot accept that forever. you know i can understand and accept his meetings. but i cannot accept being shut out. of course i am not yet fully abke to understand what is going on. thats because he has not given me information.what is there even to understand?

“it has taken me a very long time to realize that my husband’s recovery is completely separate from mine and we must each be totally selfish doing what we need to do in the process.”– does that mean shutting out your partner completely? will that ever be an acceptable reason to shut out someone in your life esp your partner and blame the pressures all on her???? i cannot understand and accept that.