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For me this platformis not enough on its own . There are times when I am on the brink of gambli, I post but don’t get an immediate response which leaves me still feeling the urge.

About your GF, I really think it’s a question of honesty. If from an early age you have learned to conceal, keep secrets, as you have shared about the zynga experience, this habit will only grow stronger If you allow it to. find ways that help you move away from the old ways that led you to gambling. Concealing your losses and continuing to let your closest person, whom you are living with, believe you have won‘t Bring about real change.

let me tell you this. Two or three days before I experienced that big loss of £20,000 plus, I texted my husband telling him I had opened a savings account for my then 6 month old babY. I had transferred £300 to the account. He replied with a loving message and said I was the brains of our couple and that he was so happy that one of us was good with the finances and that he felt less worried about our financial future because of that.

two days later I told him I had gambled away £20,000 in less than half an hour. A horrible blow to give and a definite fall from grace (For me)

I told him because:

I had to be honest. I couldn’t let him believe we had more money than we actually did ( because of my problem gambling) I didn’t have to because the account is in my name and the money was managed by me I.e I had the passwords and sole access to that account  

I needed help,I also didn’t trust myself and needed help managing my barriers. He was the only one who could help me with those.

I felt immemse guilt and needed to talk it through with my best friend (my husband)