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Four eggs today, Liberty!
Hubby is recording the output and has changed one of his silly names to “Harriet”. I wouldn’t call a hen Harriet. I like that name too much but I won’t crush his imagination. After all he is the one who cleans up after them.
I helped him in the garden today. Clearing bushes, cutting down trees etc. I do the easy bits. Thinking about you cleaning an out house. We have a few sheds that are FULL of junk. Bikes that need to be repaired . ( I think Santa must have brought a bike every year) Outdoor toys . The remains of swings and slides etc. Not to mention the attic!
I forgot about all those areas when I was gambling. Life would be so much easier now if I had acted responsibly in the past.
I need to start working really hard from now on. As Casper said on another thread, as CGs we wasted a lot of time.