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Once upon a time, I do not need a clock to tell me but when the day and time arrive, my body will scream out loud, I will automatically feel the intense urge to gamble. If I did not gamble, my anxiety level, discomfort would grow stronger and stronger, when I do not have the money, I will borrow to feed this monster / devil / master / habit / addiction. I was a slave to gambling which had an evil grip over my life.

It was easier said than doing. I remember it was very stressful to fight and resist the urge when I was still a slave, It felt like I was imprisoned and lost all my freedom, I was trapped by the gambling and debt.

Like all prison term, The harder and more serious I gamble, the longer my prison term, however, I can be free and save one day. I can regain my freedom not to gamble, but …after I regain my freedom, do I want to lose this freedom again?

Thank you God for granting me the peace, joy, calm and freedom not to gamble today.

There are reasons for me to be grateful when I choose not to gamble. There is Hope!