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So, almost into week 10 of self isolation. Hanging in there! The weather is nice so we’ve been playing outside and taking walks! We had pizza delivered today! Tomorrow, we are picking up groceries, curbside. We’ve planted beautiful flowers and tomatoes. My Granddaughter planted sunflower seeds. We water every morning after breakfast. The rest of the,vegetable garden will be planted by the end of the month!
I’m watching the news only in the morning before my Granddaughter awakes. I find too much is overwhelming. So much conflicting information. What to really believe.
I’m sure our normal will not ever be the same! I was reading the local paper and was shocked that our casino, which has been shut down since the middle of March, only paid their works for 2 weeks severance pay. They have laid off most of the 300 employees. With all of the money they pull in, that was sad! Kind of ironic! It’s hard to get unemployment benefits as the system here is overloaded!!! It will take a long time for the economy to bounce back.
One day at a time!