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Today I still feel a bit bruised and I just wish I could shake off the tired drained feeling I wake up with daily but I think it is quite pervasive. I go for a walk through the park to the local shop in the afternoon and take a bus back taking care not to touch anything. I would t normally do that but I hate that frozen feeling from being stuck indoors. I can completely veg out so easily. It actually helps a bit. I shift all my work,stuff into the front room and it feels better working from there, I have developed back pain from stooping over my laptop on my king size bed.
I do a work course in the afternoon on using Microsoft teams ie for remote working teams. The view was that this is the way forward and we may be working this way for a long time, iBook a healing session With the American healer I am doing my medical intuitive course With and rearrange my budget for a month. Hello fresh have messed up this weeks order so on meals I really look forward I have ones I really hate coming,so I have canned them to save money and they are still too calorific. Concerned that I will undo all the good work if I carry on eating them as have already put in 4 lbs since lockdown.
My son is staying away at his friends to cool off and I get another apology by text. I say he cannot keep being stuck in the past and has to get counselling support to deal with his issues, He can be really vicious with his words, and his Scorpio sting. I can see he was under a lot of pressure, with no money coming in and baby coming. but even so I say as soon as he is able to he needs to move out. He says he feels useless. I say he is anything but that. He has done a lot of work in the house but I know he is even more stir crazy than me.