nomore 56

Hi Adele, the moon sure was pretty but I’m glad it’s over. I react really badly to it every month and when it is one of those special moons, white, orange, hanging low, you name it, it gets lots worse. Restless nights, bad dreams, the whole 9 yards. Anyways, it is upsetting that gambling addiction is still so underestimated and undertreated when it affects so many people and more and more each day. I think it is a great idea to see the therapist separately, you can say things you might not want to say in front of your hb and vice versa. As long as you both are in motion with the issue and get something positive out of the sessions, it is all for the better. Anything will help. On a side note, here is something interesting re the fact that gambling is still the “silent disease” and lots of people don’t even believe it exists. I watch this Dr. Phil character a lot cz I’m interested in what he is doing and how and so on. Have been tuning into his shows for some yrs now and in all this time, he has NEVER addressed gambling. To the contrary, he seems to avoid the topic with a vengeance. Whenever it is brought up, he ignores it and changes the subject. Makes me want to challenge him, cz he would be the one person to reach millions of people and raise awareness. Hm, tempting….LOL
Keep going, nothing can stop you but yourself!