Hey NoMore –

Good to hear from you. The moon was beautiful that night! We left my mom’s house just after dark so we saw it when it was still big and looming in the sky – harvest moon – just gorgeous.

I think you’re right that he needs to get his addiction issues addressed before we can really delve in to our relationship issues. He has gone by himself today, and I am going to begin seeing the same therapist alone too, as I have issues of my own. Unfortunately there are no gambling addiction specific therapists in this area since there are no casinos within 300 miles. Sadly, I suspect there is a need – just no awareness.

Hopefully this will be a start. He will be home for another few weeks and will be seeing her 2 times each week.

Once again I am hopeful. He says he has not had the urge to gamble in a good while since being home with me and away from the temptation. And we are more relaxed with each other and enjoying a few simple pleasures.

Thanks for sharing and for your encouragement! Take care…