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Dear (((Carole))) it is funny when you read someone’s post and something just hits you. I read where you posted about having fun and I know that is how I felt about gambling at first. I had found something fun to do and it made me happy. It got me to thinking is that what we are looking for in our life in general… more fun, more excitement. I wonder if we get to a certain age and we can’t do the things we did before. There are so many changes as our kid’s leave and we have the empty nest syndrome. We face our own aging. I find that things I did before that were fun don’t seem to be as much fun anymore. Also, everything I do seems to take me longer. For example I could clean the house to top to bottom in a few hours. I seemed to have so much more energy. I know that I need to lose weight and I am sure that would help. I know that depression can cause lots of these feelings. It really makes me think if we are searching for something. Maybe we want to be younger LOL We are going to be doing some renovating around the house and I don’t seem to get the excitement for that any more. I think for me It is good to think about all these things and try and work it out.
I am reading a book about barriers right now and it is interesting to me. I am learning so much about myself. I know that I need to work on ME. I need to find out what I enjoy doing. It is almost like I am trying to find out who I am now. I know that gambling is not the answer as it causes me so much stress, financial hardship. I wish we lived closer as then we could go for coffee and have a real visit and chat. Take care and I hope those urges have eased off for you.