Thanks for your comment on my Thread, Cathy which incidentally, I’m not using at present.
I have no need the “defend” GA.
The evidence that it works for thousands of men and women world wide speaks volumes.
It is based on ancient spiritual Principles .
These never change, and can be adapted to believers and non believers alike.
What are they?
and of course Charity.
Opinions change. New ideologies come and go. People change. Others never change.
GA is a unity programme. A Fellowship of men and women trying to put their lives in order by admitting powerlessness over gambling.
Nobody is perfect in the groups. All equal. No pecking order.
GA is not for everyone, certainly not for anyone who denies or rejects the aforementioned FACTS!
I have no idea how it works. I surrendered and stopped analyzing.
All I do know is I have not gambled since I attended meetings with an open mind since January 5th 2016.
Last bet- December 28th 2015.
I hope your son is thriving in recovery one day at a time, Cathy.