Thanks for your supportive posts, Cathy.
Glad to hear things are going well for your son and that Gamanon is helping you. I think there is a gamanon meeting in the same building where I attended GA tonight , because the first time I went there I saw two women waiting in the queue outside the door, but they went into a different room. Lots of young men in that group. My sons’ age and the scary bit is that some of them are already separated fathers due to gambling. Strangely, I relate better to some of the men, than I did to the lady! I guess I’m getting to know one or two of them from the different venues. One man invited me to attend a meeting in my ******. He runs that meeting, he said. Another man asked what my son thought of the “Pinning Meeting” we attended a couple of Sunday nights ago. I feel secure when I see that man coming into a meeting. I don’t know why. Maybe because he is a granddad. Two newcomers were told to “stay back ” at the end of the meeting. I guess they give them phone numbers and literature. I was never given that list of numbers. I totally get it that men don’t hand out their phone numbers to women.
Over and out!