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Hi Gov,
Sucks being sick, hope you are getting better!

So glad you are thinking of your son and saving up for him, that is wonderful! I have two children. I have come to the understanding that it is all about now, and working toward a better future for them. I refuse to get sucked into regret anymore. I can and will be a positive influence and force for them in their future lives from this day forward. Period. I think about this every day, and although I don’t always succeed at it, I recognize where I am not hitting the mark, and try again. I have realized that my purpose on this planet is to teach them and show them by example how to live. I was such a bad example for a long time, but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is today.

Good job having the courage to continue to stay gamble free. Don’t let the adverts and texts bug you, just delete them and keep going with your day. You are totally on the right track, you are on to their games and ploys, they don’t suck you in anymore. Here’s to our future lives without gambling getting in the way of our right to pursue happiness!