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Hi all, I’ve managed to not gamble this weekend even though I haven’t payed some of my bills in time. The most important bill is my rent money and the debt I own them. So I pushed back other payments so I could do this as it’s the first priority. Otherwise I would get be kick out this month. It is so ironic. One day u won big money the next day u can’t pay your own bills in time.

I have been in this situation so many times but I really know now gambling is never an option. If u ever think u can controll yourself when making bets. U would be playing yourself.

I’ve also put some things for sale just to get by this month. As I have no money to do foodshopping. Hopefully this will get me through the month. Even tho I’m against selling my personal stuff it’s a pain in my hearth I got to do this over again.

Luckily don’t feel the urge to gamble. As long as I can keep my house nothing else really matters.