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Glad to hear your mom is doing well and appreciates your efforts. She is one strong Lady Tell her she has a secret admirer! She is proud and independent, Lizbeth and it’s very difficult for her to have to ask for help from others. I would be like that. i get very irritable and snappy when I’m not well. Nobody can do anything right.
Enjoy your vacation. Knowing your mam will be looked after when you’re away, means you can relax. The thought of going on vacation would exhaust me right now I have started to take off my blinkers and look around at all the work I neglected in the last ten years. I’m relying on The Man Above to give me the strength to tackle this work Hubby is doing everything I just need to start helping him. Gambling has caused me to be ten years older than my birthday cards say I am.
By the way, when you refer to the “yard” what area are talking about? In Ireland the “yard” is the concrete area between the gate and the garden. The place we park our cars. Just interested to know what different expressions refer to
Nite Lizbeth I took a sleeping tab 30 mins ago. Im a but drunk now.