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Hi R2C

A fantastic achievement, you should be really prod of yourself.

The issue that often arises when counting days and months is where we stop counting, where we move on and don’t worry about when we last gambled and focus on recovery going forward where the only next date that should be an issue is the date of the next bet.

I’ve always had an issue with —–ing, the reason in my opinion is it’s a goal and once that goal is reached there are a few things that can happen

1. A new Goal is set
2. Complacency becomes an issue
3. Testing can I after “X” period control the situation

R2C, it’s a huge achievement, all I ask is you take care at this time, Goals are like bets in many ways, If we make it then we get a high… if we don’t we get a low, both potential triggers for a gambler… if we don’t count then we move on in recovery without having the added stress of a goal that can become a trigger

It’s still a fabulous achievement, You should be really proud

Take Care