Hi all,
I really felt like writing a positive story after my hb, our son and I took a very nice city trip last week. After a rough start (husband would not budge & leave on time, causing stress) we had a lovely time and felt closer than in a long time.

He’s been gamble free for 9 months, which I believe, as he is quite proud of this (as am I).
All was good, until last evening – when (apparently) he was feeling stressed out and decided to yell at me for ‘putting too much pasta on his plate’ and ‘interrupting his tv show’ – trivial stuff but obvious to me that his mind is overloaded. He cannot handle stress at all lately.

My response was quite calm (but hurt) and I did not speak to him for the rest of the evening.
I understand the stress, but not his behaviour. This morning he continued to be rude and I have the feeling there’s something going on (maybe a conversation with his father that got out of hand) but he is not letting me ‘in’ (yet).
Other than this, I’m feeling quite good and especially in letting him be responsible for his own life/actions and not taking on his stress upon myself 🙂
Makes me feel more calm.