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Good input! Before i even started gambling i would put a lot of time and effort into producing music and being in different bands. I also took a lot of acting classes altough music always was my main priority. I was happy and it was very rewarding having gigs and producing music as an artist myself and along with others. 

Unfortunately there was a lot of drinking and partying involved, when i had kids at a fairly young age it had to stop because the people i hung out with continued the same way when i had a baby to take care of. I lost interest as it was no longer rewarding in the sense of getting approval from others. I became very lonely at the time as i also lived in a very abusive relationship and had no time for myself anymore. 

I would love to have my own studio and be able to channel out my emotions through music once again. Now i only have a piano that i never or very occasionally play. Im never home alone and my family finds it disturbing haha so yeah a soundproof studio would be awesome. 

I can see how one addiction could easily be switched for another, dont want to go there. 

Had a glass of wine for dinner now, couldnt resist as my husband opened a good bottle of wine. But thats it for today, want to be clear minded.