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Good morning Vera

I was sorry to read about how you are feeling after gambling. I remember the out of control feeling all too well. I’m glad to see you are figuring out ways to keep your money un accessible. Back to basics. Time and money are required to gamble. Accounting for both keeps us accountable. So while you are feeling this way figure out how to make one, the other or both accounted for. Ask hubby to pay all the bills and transfer him a once, twice or more often amount to pay them. Put most of the remainder in long term savings. Whatever it takes Vera. It will tear you up. Counseling? Go back to GA. Yes it takes courage to eat humble pie but GA helped you so much. And any time you need support, reach out. I can imagine your house smelling lovely as you start to decorate for the holidays. Try and shed as much stress this year as possible. That should be your Christmas gift to you. Take care Vera