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Hey Mr E

I’m pleased you’ve started your own thread.

The feelings you describe will resonate with a lot of people I’m sure. You have such a lot going on at the minute, there’s that much you are thinking about. Hopefully once you’ve been through GMA you will be able to “sit easy”.

Prior to these last eight weeks you would probably be unaware of all the feelings getting stirred up in your head, gambling being your escape. But of course the more you escape into it, the bigger the chaos and bigger the turmoil once you return to the real world.

It’d be such a shame if you let it get to you before GMA and for your sake I hope you get a place sooner rather than later.

There is a lot more to compulsive gambling than simply putting a bet on. And although the bottom line is “just don’t do it.” To get to the realisation that you can learn to say “no”does take a lot of hard work. As does accepting the fact you can change.

You are doing great mate, I do know how difficult it is to fight the urges.

Your bad weekend has been and gone, I think by writing down as you have done helps you to accept it. I will endeavour to reply to your post properly I’ve got a 48 hr break this week, tomorrow’s my last night til Friday midnight.

I’m at work now on a driving break, so have to cut this short.

All the best, keep it up mate.