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Good that you have shared your story, not only here but also with you friends – who will hopefully look out for you.

You have discovered that you cannot gamble “normally.” This is why we are here because we have a problem behaviour which means we can’t switch off from gambling like other people can. It is good that you have found this out early – before you can do more damage.

What you need to do is a) ban yourself from gambling sites either on-line or off – where you might still play. b) Cut yourself off from access to finance – if there is some-one you can trust enough to handle your money then that is ideal, if not just take out as little as you can. For on-line order a new card (say you lost it) get rid of the old one and when the new one comes get someone else to scratch off the 3 digit code on the back – so you can’t use it – but can still buy stuff in real stores. c) get good support for yourself, keep in touch with friends or consider self-help groups like gamblers’ anonymous. d) Find new ways of using your time which do not involve gambling. You may have to work longer for a while in order to help with finances – but don’t forget to make time for fun as well. Take good care of yourself and let us know how you get on.