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Hi Jane it was good to meet you in the group tonight. I thought I would take a look at your thread and I can see things have been very difficult for you. I hope you are finding time to care for yourself as well as your son.

I see Velvet has written you a great reply and I have to confess I find it much more difficult to give advice to parents as I know it is a completely different situation to when a partner is a CG but I wanted to show you my support.

It sounds like you have been working hard not to enable your son and it must be so hard when he won’t talk. I really hope that the tips velvet has given you will eventually help break the walls put up by the addiction down.

Do keep posting, you will find this a great place for support and understanding as I have I am sure.

Keep on keeping on and taking care of you and never give up hope, many do find a way out of this awful addiction. Lily x