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Hi Sam

Your find that the majority of forums are open, in other words you don’t need to be a member to read them.

When a site is designed, especially a site that is there to support people it’s also designed to be found via search engines, this is why we advise members not to use their real names as their user names as stated in our privacy policy.

In short yes the site is acting as it was designed to do, just like most websites.

What we can ensure you is this, This site is 128 bit encrypted and no personal information provided by users of this website will be given or sold to a third party, eg the information within your registration is completely safe and only visible to a few members of staff. Also information in groups is not accessible to the web crawlers from Google and other search engines and will not be found in cyber space.

Basically what you can see when not logged in is what a web crawler can collect and use to build up a search engines results

I hope this answers your question

Kind Regards