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Great post Charlster!
I do believe it is only by God’s Grace that we finally quit the chaos that we have created in our lives by compulsive gambling. Years of human destruction cannot be restored without intervention from a Higher Power. I think that is the underlying message of GA. Admit I am powerless. Surrender!
Of course there are human elements running through every CG’s recovery, but I have asked myself over and over why one person fails and another succeeds? Why at one given time a person can resist gambling at at other times throw caution to the wind and undo all the effort? Why now? Why me? Why you? Why not? So much is outside our control. Humanly speaking, we can only do so much to help ourselves. I accept people here have differing viewpoints and very different experiences but when I read that you have survived “by God’s grace” I can relate to that statement. Sometimes we seek recovery in the wrong places and at the wrong time.
Staying focused on Survival is crucial !
Congrats on your G free month! May it be the start of many, odaat!