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thank you for the encouraging post, i have several weeks to decide about investing financially in therapy but if i am honest, i already know the answer, how messed up that i wouldn’t think twice about gambling away that sort of money in an afternoon.
i have been extremely lucky to have had so much overtime in the last few months ( its drying up now) and to be offered therapy and also to be linked with such a good match in the terms of a therapist, as i approach the new year i will have paid off the last few months of gambling debts and payday loans ( i am still paying for the years gone by debts ) and i am on the journey to recovery which was my hope at the beginning of this year.
i am also fully aware finally that i am one bet away from undoing all that progress and losing everything, the reality of that is scary as hell, what’s worse is that i know that i wont have the gift of being able to work hard and pay for my mistakes in the future and that would take me to a deeper, darker place.
you are so right Laura, time to make manageable plans, as the overtime dries up and the 12 sessions of therapy comes to an end i have to be ready and organised and manage my finances
thank you