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Charlster, that is so good to hear that you’ve bought your ticket. I’m sure this week will be very busy with all that is required while you’re away but so good to hear you’re nearly there and on track.

I received my letter from GMA on Friday and have come to terms with it so looking forward to it now but have loads to do and need to get support, hopefully from my neighbour, to look after my 2 cats. Fortunately, the new program for women is for a 4 day stay only and one overnight at the end of 12 weeks, so I can manage it. I would not have been able to do it if it were a 12 week residential program so I can only admire you for your commitment and lengths you’ve gone to be supported and keep your flat while you’re away.

Thanks for your support and postings. It has encouraged and helped many of us here with the time you’ve taken to go out your way to support others. God bless.