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Idi, you are right as you usually are. It hurts to end long friendships but this one had really run its course. I went into the 10pm group and wAited till near the end. We will meet up in group soon.
Sara, you havent offended me at all. I am just very reflective on things and I guess my inner nature could be called a seeker of truth and that is my truth on positive self talk. There are many people who practise positive self talk in making the,selves wealthy and they stay poor. It is all much deeper than that. I am 12 years post menopausal but hitting 60 seems to have profoundly affected my energy.
Idi, you are correct about debts. I have been left alone for a while by creditors and bailiffs probably cos they can’t do anything to someone my age and deemedtobe vulnerable, and yes, I do want to work part time now.
Petehas just come in and I am pleased that someone is lending him some money for a flat. He said he will help me tidy my bedroom tomorrow which is nice. We do still care a lot about each other.
Oh and idi, on the work,situation I know how you feel but don’t feel that is correct for you, I think you can do what you like, remember I only started do doreally well at 53. I feel that my best days at work are behind me although I would love to be proved wrong on that issue.